Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) therapy involves the use of natural plants, minerals and even some small amount animals, each having its own specific characteristics and particular medical use to treat diseases, rectify the over-activity or under-activity of yin and yang, and help restore the body to its normal physiological functions. Chinese herbal therapy must be given by qualified TCM practitioners.

Normally, the practitioner must have a diagnostic consultation, such as asking you questions that relate to your health problems, taking your pulse and observing your tongue, before making a prescription. A prescription can be defined as a preparation which, on the basis of the differentiation of syndromes and the establishment of therapeutic methods, organically combines various herbs for the treatment in accordance with established principles.

Although Chinese herbal medicine is relatively speaking safe, there is no medicine absolutely safe according to comments made by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Hence, to find a proper trained and qualified Chinese medicine practitioner is vital. Chinese herbal medicine is more effective for treating chronic conditions, such as chronic cough, gynaecology. Please refer to What We Treat for a more detailed list.