Jidong Wu graduated from Nanjing Medical School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in 1979 and practised Chinese medicine in the Nanjing General Hospital for four years. Dr Wu completed his Master’s degree in medicine from Shanghai University of TCM in 1986. He then worked as a lecturer and consultant at Nanjing University of TCM. He was appointed as associated professor there in 1992.

He arrived in London, England in 1993 as a visiting scholar, and has been engaged in Chinese medicine training and practice since then. He was the first BSc TCM programme leader at Middlesex University, London — the first Chinese medicine degree programme ever in Europe. Currently he is a senior lecturer and professional adviser to the TCM degree course at the same university. Dr Wu has been lecturing monthly at Dublin Acupuncture Foundation since 1998 and occasionally at Shenzhou Open University in Amsterdam, Netherlands since 1999. In June 2006 he finished his doctoral studies and was awarded a PhD in medicine in the field of acupuncture by the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He has been practising acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in the London and Cambridge areas since 1994. He specialises in Acupuncture therapy for pain management, and is also interested in treating gynaecological disorders, such as female infertility and  PCOS, with Chinese herbal medicine. Dr Wu has been engaged to conduct research into the Chinese medicine treatment for colitis.

Dr Wu has been selected by the UK Department of Health as a member sitting in the Committee of Independent Review Panel for Borderline Medicine since 2000. He was also appointed as a member of the Herbal Medicine Advisory Committee (HMAC) under the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Dr Wu is registered with the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture(UK) (ATCM), a professional regulatory body for TCM in the UK. He was the president of ATCM from 2002-06. He is a Fellow of ATCM and an honorary member of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine(RCHM). He is the president of Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling Association in Europe (FSNAE).
He is a Board Member of the British Acupuncture Federation (BAF).

He is married with two children.



Dong-Ni was born into a Chinese medical family. Her father was a reputable Chinese medical doctor in Guangdong, China who set up a private practice there in the 1980s. Dong-Ni was grew up in this Chinese medical environment and helped her father in running his practice since the 1990s.

She graduated from the History Department at Foshan University in 1990 and qualified as a teacher. She then worked as a secondary school teacher in Guangdong. However, after a 5-year teaching career, Dong-Ni realised that her interests in medicine supersede those in teaching. She then joined Guangzhou University of TCM and pursued a 4-year training course which enabled her to qualify as a TCM practitioner in 1996. She then worked in her father’s clinic for 5 years.
Dong-Ni moved to the UK in 1998 and has been practising acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Birmingham and Macclesfield ever since.
She is registered with the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK (ATCM). She is a member of the Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling Association in Europe (FSNAE).

Dong-Ni’s interests in practicing Chinese medicine are:

  • Chinese medicine to alleviate respiratory complaints such as chronic cough and asthma
  • Depression

She is married with two children.

Wen Zhang studied traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1984 for five years and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in medicine.

She then worked as a senior physician of traditional Chinese medicine, at a teaching hospital and senior lecturerat Liaoning University of TCM for 17 years.
In 2006, Dr Wen Zhang emigrated to UK. She subsequently worked for several companies including in Northern Ireland and England as Chinese medical doctor and acupuncturist.

Wen received further training in Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling acupuncture in the UK and China and now practise FSN acupuncture and traditional acupuncture in the Cambridgeshire area.

Wen is registered with the professional bodies of the ATCM and FSNAE.

Wen Zhang

Lulu Dai

Ms Lulu Dai studied English language as her undergraduate in China. After graduation, instead of becoming a teacher as her parents wished, she took a job and later became a director of an education training company in Xiamen, China. Due to the extensive working pressure, she was suffered from insomnia, stress, and depression. She was treated by western medicine first and she found bad side effect of taking pills plus no improvement of her condition. She then was referred to a local Chinese medical doctor which effectively improved her situation dramatically. It was from there she shifted her interests to traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

She enrolled a three-month Chinese medicine tasting course offered by Traditional Chinese Medicine College of Xiamen Medical University in 2013 and then completed a three-year programme at TCM college of Xiamen medical university. She moved to UK with her family and practiced acupuncture, tuina-massage massage in Peterborough since 2014.

She then continued trained the Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling(FSN) acupuncture at Cambridge Chinese medicine clinic and working in 2023.

She is a registered practitioner of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK, and a member of FSNAE.

Lulu is specialised in acupuncture for pain relieving and sports injury, spine and joint pain, upper and lower back pain,shoulder pain, neck stiffness,digestive disorders, anxiety, fibromyalgia,insomnia, and other conditions.